Rebastion Tax Lawyers helps family-run businesses and individuals with significant capital handle financial, legal, and tax-related issues. Because these issues are often complex, we take an integrated approach to your case. This results in durable solutions to your problems which often reveal hidden opportunities as well.

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Our services fall under the following five headings:

VAT and transfer tax

Turnover tax, or VAT. Every business owner has to deal with it. Usually, there are no problems involved in applying VAT, but sometimes you are confronted with complex situations for which you have no straightforward answer. This may be the case if turnover tax and transfer tax are combined when you wish to sell or rent out property. Rest assured in knowing that Rebastion Tax Lawyers has extensive experience with complex issues relating to VAT and the necessary knowledge to provide clarification.

Estate Planning

Estate planning relates to the transfer of property and capital during and after your lifetime. Rebastion Tax Lawyers knows how you can transfer your property and capital in a as fiscally and financially attractive a manner as possible – whether by deed of donation, business transfer, or inheritance. We integrate our focus on tax laws and regulations with respect for your personal wishes. Concern for your property and concern for the following generation often go hand in hand. For this reason, we always offer bespoke advice tailored to the latest regulations and your wishes.

Assistance in legal proceedings

As a business owner, you may find yourself in a dispute with the tax authorities regarding the application of tax laws. This dispute may arise as a result of an audit or a difference of opinion regarding the interpretation of tax regulations. We can support you during an audit and act on your behalf during negotiations with the tax authorities in order to settle disputes or reach a compromise acceptable to both parties. If negotiations should fail, we can also represent you during legal proceedings.

Business Tax

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and increasing in complexity. A proactive approach is essential. Rebastion Tax Lawyers provides you with strategic and tactical advice regarding compliance and combines a command of fiscal issues with extensive knowledge of your business and sector. The result is the solid assurance that you comply with current laws and regulations and that you will continue to do so in the future.

Optimalization of structures
The legal structure of your business has an effect on countless other aspects of doing business. It influences the amounti of you pay, your capital flow, and the business succession. In other words, your legal structure is a matter wich deserves a great deal of attention, particularly if your business operates in an international context. Rebastion Tax Lawyers can help you find the legal structure which best suits your business strategy and helps you achieve your goals.

Family Office

A Family Office arranges and organizes all of your financial, legal, and tax-related affairs for you and your family with respect for both current and future generations. Rebastion Tax Lawyers Family Office has extensive international experience in structuring and managing family fortunes. We are well aware that your family values are just as important as the value of your capital. Regardless of the size of your family or your capital, we have a range of services to take all the concerns of managing your fortune out of your hands.